february, 2022

Tapestry Equine Products 10% Discount Offer


Event Details

Exciting news, Tapestry Equine Products @tapestryequineproducts is offering you, our social media followers, a 10% discount on all their products.

Discount code is LongRun10.

Canadian followers please contact Linda Hauck directly at linda@tapestryequineproducts.com to obtain the discount in Canadian dollars.⁠

Tapestry Equine Products is donating the 10% you are saving to LongRun. Thank you TEP for this generous donation!⁠

For more information on Tapestry Equine Products, click on link below:

Linda Hauck introduces Tapestry Equine Products’ comfort girth

Linda Hauck presents Tapestry Equine Products’ other girths

Linda Hauck introduces Tapestry Equine Products’ neck rope and spur




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