Adopt a Thoroughbred

Adopting a retired thoroughbred racehorse can be so rewarding for both yourself and the horse as they embark on a new career in a loving home. We can hardly wait to start the process with you.

We’re committed to helping match you with the perfect horse. We have helped over 1,000 thoroughbreds enjoy a dignified retirement from racing.

Step 1: Fill out an adoption form

Please put aside 30 minutes for the complete application, you can begin it, save and return to it later as well.

Step 2: We’ll have a conversation on the phone

Our Adoption Manager will be in touch with you to further discuss your goals for your new horse and select horses in the program that would be most compatible.

Step 3: Visit the farm to meet the horses!

This is your opportunity to meet your potential matches and if you’ll be adopting a riding horse, your opportunity to go for a short ride. Our Adoption Manager will work with you to find a suitable time for you to visit our farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario.

Step 4: Choose your horse

Or what we believe actually happens: the horse chooses you. Our Adoption Manager will also be more than happy to help and work with you to make a final decision on which horse would be the most suitable.

Step 5: Reference check and farm inspection

A healthy adoption includes a healthy place for the adopted horse to live, including who they will live with and who the adopter is. We are transparent about how much we care for these horses and it’s important to both LongRun and you that the horse’s new home meets the same level of care they’ve received here.

Please know that we believe that a happy barn does not by any means have to be a fancy barn, just healthy and safe. Our inspections take approximately 10-15 minutes and can be arranged at your convenience.

Step 6: You’ve been approved!

Now we simply need to sign the adoption paperwork and receive payment. CLICK HERE to preview the Adoption Agreement you will sign. The adoption costs range from $1 to $1000.

Step 7: Arrange for transportation

From our farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario via an approved commercial transportation company, or personal trailer to your barn.

Step 8: Follow-up

LongRun is unique as we follow-up with our adoptees for minimum of a one year period after the date of their adoption. A volunteer guardian visits you every 6 months in the first year as well to assist with your adoption and provide guidance or help. We also ask our adopters to submit a brief Vet Follow Up Form which is to be completed by your practicing veterinarian at six months and again at the one year mark.

Step 9: Enjoy your new horse

There is true joy in helping this former high-level athlete transition to a new career.

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