LongRun’s Activity Book page 4

February 05, 2021
By Lauren Millet
Over the month of Februa威而鋼
ry, Family Day Holiday month, LongRun will be uploading drawings from its activity book to its website for families to download at home. ⁠ The activity book not only features drawings for children to colour it is also informative; each drawing tackles various subjects such as: farrier, grooming, horse anatomy, and more. There are quizzes as well!⁠ Our gift to families during these crazy COVID times, an offer to distract children and parents alike, children with some creative activity and some, no doubt much deserved, down time for parents. Two pages of the activity book will be available for download twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. ⁠ Keep your eyes on our social media posts for prompts.
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