LongRun Mandate

The purpose of our organization pertains to the welfare of our thoroughbred racehorses when they are no longer able to compete. Our mission is to find them loving, adoptive homes and, perhaps, alternative careers, ensuring them the dignified and happy retirement they so richly deserve. In addition, we aim to educate our owners, trainers, breeders and the general public about the merits of this humane alternative.


What you can expect from an ex-racehorse

The thoroughbred is a beautiful, versatile and athletic breed, which can proudly trace its bloodlines back many centuries. It is our belief that it is a privilege to be a part of their lives and custodians of their welfare. They race for our pleasure – it’s only right we provide them with a happy retirement after their racing days are over.
With time and patience, almost all thoroughbreds can become the most loving and gentlest of companions and, with re-training, most of our graduates have gone on to second careers as riding horses, some with show potential!

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