We care for and restart the training for thoroughbreds after they retire from their racing careers.

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Care for a second career

A woman leads two horses through a field

Thoroughbred Racehorses are elite level athletes with high apptitude for training, care and companionship. LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society, for over 20 years, has been championing these magnificant animals as they go on to a second career matched with loving adoptive families. 

Thinking of adopting a thoroughbred horse? Download our adoption checklist to see if you’d be a good match for adopting one of our horses.

What makes adopting with LongRun so successful?

The key benefit of adopting with LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society is our commitment to transparency. In addition to working with you so you fully understand the full scope of what’s involved in adopting a retired thoroughbred, we also provide you with a full history of the horse you’ll be adopting.

But further, our process ensures you’re adopting the perfect horse for you, and that the horse you have been matched with is well suited for the new career you have chosen for him/her. We know adopting a retired thoroughbred racehorse comes with a lot of questions which is why we are committed to provide you with all the information you need to adopt the perfect match for you.  All of the horses at LongRun have been restarted under saddle to determine what potential careers each particular horse might excel in. This is a unique process to LongRun.

The process is simple. First, fill out our online adoption form. This helps both of us ensure adopting a thoroughbred racehorse is a good fit for both you and the horse. Then we’ll have a conversation on the phone followed by a visit to our farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario where you can meet, connect with and ride any potential horses.

Next we’ll complete a farm inspection where the horse will live and finally we’ll sign the adoption paperwork and help you arrange for the horse to be transported to your farm. But our relationship isn’t over – we’ll follow-up with you to ensure the adoption is going well. Adopting a retired thoroughbred racehorse can be so rewarding for both yourself and the horse as they embark in a loving home on their new career. We can hardly wait to start the process with you.

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