Join us on this adventure as LongRun graduates and their adopters “race” to the finish line. Check out the entrants below.  Maybe you’ll recognize one from their racing days and sponsor them as they strive for the wire. Also, learn a little about their retired life and new careers. Every $5 dollars moves them forward a length, with August 18 the final day to sponsor. There will be random draws among all sponsors and adopters and great prizes to the top five finishers.

As the race approaches the halfway point LongRun is pleased to announce the winners of the first random draws for entrants and sponsors.  Sarah King, adopter of Feisty Sky, is the winner of a 1 kg container of the excellent joint supplement TriActa (donated by Integricare Canada) and a set of four polo bandages with matching halter “fuzzies”.  Jo Tambeau, who sponsored Amanda Visneski’s Maxsmiraclejourney, is the winner of a “trifecta” of ice wine, three bottles of Ontario’s world reknown dessert wine. Congratulations to both!!

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Awesome Eclipse

Post 31          YOB 2007
17 4-3-0         $137, 612
Greg Simpson
Awesome Eclipse ran his heart out in every race, and beat some very good horses during his career. Now his heart belongs to Greg as they share a special bond and unwavering friendship.

Big Red Mike

Post 17            YOB 2007
16 4-3-3          $859, 280
Emma Pote
Big Red Mike is a stunning horse of big personality. Winner of the 2010 Queen’s Plate, Red knows he is important and his big presence shines at all times. Once a fast racehorse, he now pursues dressage excellence in his new career.

Brew This

Post 33          YOB 2015
0 0-0-0          $0
Jennifer Semech – Walkabout Farm
Molson didn’t have much of a life on the racetrack, but now in his new career, he’s helping troubled youngsters as a therapy horse in Minden, ON.  He couldn’t be happier than spending time with these kids and is thoroughly enjoying his retirement.

Brightstone Bay

Post 26         YOB 2013
4 0-0-1          $8,836
Christina Cooper
Brightstone Bay is a kind soul, and when Christina applied for a family horse, Arnold was the obvious choice. Arnold is now loving his life being spoiled by Christina’s kids, and ridden lightly over small fences.

Candy Mountain

Post 39           YOB 2016
10 1-1-1          $32,980
Nicole Brown
Candy came to LongRun after a mostly unsuccessful race career.  Now called Zaf, Nicole saw a kind young horse with a brain who needed to work and said this is my horse! Together they hope to accomplish great things in the hunter ring, after a slow progression.


Post 30           YOB 2016
21 1-3-0          $25,130
Lisa Boucher
This spicy red head found her forever home with Lisa and her daughter, and we are sure Cheeky will excel in the future jumper ring.

Crushin Hard

Post 3             YOB 2009
52 6-7-3          $310,964
Myla Boyd
A full brother to Champion Pender Harbour, Crusher was a war horse on the track.  Now he’s a loving partner to Myla as he enjoys a career in the dressage ring.

Enough is Enough

Post 1             YOB 2002
27 5-3-4          $279,548
Sarah Beauchamp
Sarah had her eye on Wally while he was still enjoying a multiple stakes winning career.  When he retired from the track, she was first in line at LongRun’s door to adopt. At 19 years of age, they are still enjoying lots of pleasure riding and trails.

Feisty Sky

Post 25         YOB 2014
0 0-0-0          $0
Sarah King
Feisty had a bit of a rough start to her retirement but Sarah was able to adopt her and bring her home to New Brunswick where she is a riding horse and a farm favourite.

Fire Cause

Post 37         YOB 2006
5 0-0-0          $1,937
Katherine Patterson
When Thor isn’t jumping in the show ring, going on rides with Katherine or posing with her for her formal pictures, he is spending his time with other LongRun adoptee, Cruz West.

First Out

Post 6           YOB 2003
5 0-1-0          $14,523
Andrea McGowan
Creemore, also called The Grey Fool by Andrea, though not fast on the track, is as versitile as they come. He has excelled in his retirement at jumping, hunting, dressage, horse ball and even side saddle among other disciplines.

Fuhr Gerry

Post 15           YOB 2011
13 2-0-2          $42,787
Holly Gillespie
A modest runner on the track, Gerry is now unrivalled in Holly’s heart.  They spend many hours together on the trails and in the ring then coming home to a feast of treats in his stall.

Hushin Russian

Post 5          YOB 2015
3 1-1-0          $49,248
Julie Dinwoodie
“The Russian” was very talented at the track – he won his first start by open lengths and was christened a “Cadillac”! He also was the kindest horse to be around, eager to please, which is why he has made such a splendid transition to retirement with Julie and her daughter Abby.

I Love Gold

Post 23           YOB 2017
2 0-0-0           $599
Danielle Canfield
Goldie did not enjoy the track atmosphere, however once coming to LongRun’s farm he decided retired life was for him. He and Danielle will now enjoy lots of trails and some jumping, just for fun.

I'm the Red Lion

Post 38          YOB 2015
0 0-0-0          $0
Cathy-Jo and Jenn Coffin
Simba did not make it to the races after getting injured as a two year old. He underwent a long rehab, and despite his somewhat rambunctious personality, Jenn felt an immediate connection with him. Even with some minor setbacks, Jenn and SImba hope to have a long future together, whether that be in the hunter ring or simply learning tricks and playing around.

Jimmy Hot

Post 11           YOB 2014
2 0-0-0          $606
Michelle Schmitt
Jimmy simply wasn’t fast enough to be a racehorse. He did bond with Michelle immediately, and the pair has dabbled in some dressage. Jimmy has shown a talent and an interest in this new discpline and is loving his new life with Michelle.

La Chapina

Post 27          YOB 2016
0 0-0-0          $0
Jennifer Andersen
Despite her name, Chapina is not a little girl, and her huge body could not stand up to race training. Her super sweet personality caught the attention of Jennifer, and Lexi will now live the spoiled life as her pleasure horse.

Lead by Example

Post 10            YOB 2012
17 2-0-4          $76,729
Melanie Pinto
Retired jockey Melanie fell in love with “The Black” when she rode him in a race so when he retired, she quickly adopted him.  Now they work together at Fort Erie as calming companions to other thoroughbreds as they make their was to the races.

Lookout Louie

Post 16          YOB 2016
7 3-0-0          $33,043
Laura Cooke
Louie was retired after a modest career on the track.  After enjoying some downtime, he showed great talent and athletisism during his retraining. Laura saw great potential as a sport horse in Louie’s future and jumped at the chance to adopt him.


0 0-0-0
Belynda D’Agostino
Now known affectionately as Rosie, this little mare simply wasn’t fast enought to race. She found her way into the hearts of the young Maddie D’Agostino and family and is fast becoming a successful little show horse.

Maple Tints

Post 8              YOB 2005
58 4-2-5          $200,354
Betsy Sinclair
Another war horse on the track, this tall, dark and handsome guy with a kind and gentle soul caught Betsy’s eye when she fisrt saw him. Arthur now cleans up with Betsy at local shows and they are considering trying side saddle as their next project.

Master Gray

Post 34            YOB 2011
15 0-0-5          $15,830
Debbie Pratt
Not very successful at the track, Wesley is now being brought along slowly by Debbie towards a new career as a dressage horse.  This handsome grey will look stunning in the show ring!


Post 35            YOB 2013
23 3-8-0          $146,661
Amanda Visneski
Max, named after a young boy who fought a difficult battle with a debilitating disease, was also quite the fighter on the racetrack.  Now he spends most of his time thoroughly enjoying the attention of Amanda’s kids as their pleasure horse.


Post 13           YOB 2011
46 17-16-5     $1,117,814
Catherine Martin-Vella
After earning over $1 million at the track and winning multiple stakes races, Mel is much deserving his retirement as he looks forward to a new career with Catherine as her pleasure hack, and all the treats that go with it!

Money Talks

Post 2              YOB 2011
49 4-8-6          $195,248
Jillian Wainwright
This handsome horse, now known as Sunny, ended a successful racing career before moving to LongRun. Jillian knew from the moment she saw him and his intelligent eyes that he was going to be hers. The pair now enjoys hacking and dressage training.


Post 9            YOB 2013
3 0-0-0           $2,136
Elka Christensen
Injury limited Doug’s racing career but after generous rehab time, he was ready to move onto his new career and Elke was just the person to take him there. They now enjoy pleasure riding and modest jumping in the beautiful countrside just south of Georgian Bay.

Pinch My Cheeks

Post 18            YOB 2011
26 2-3-2          $146,661
Sue Neilson
This sweetheart of a mare had a respectful career racing but now gets all sorts of respect and love from Sue and her kids.  Ready to get dressed up for any occassion or go anywhere with them, Cheeky has the best life in retirement.

Pumpkin Rumble

Post 21               YOB 2011
48 11-8-10         $704,850
Kate Shoup
Kate saw a photo of multipe graded stakes winning Pumpkin on our Facebook page, and instantly knew she was in love. Patiently awaiting his downtime, she finally got to visit him and there was no turning back. Kate and the Pumpkin are inseparable and his has fit in beautifully with the family.

Puzzling Kitten

Post 29           YOB 2015
2 0-0-0           $610
Patti O’Brien
Kitten was unsuccesful in two starts, however, his kind face caught the eye of Patti when she was searching for a companion horse for her mare after the passing of her older gelding. Kitten’s sweet personailty proved the perfect match for Nova and they became fast friends, living happily every after.

Relocate the Bank

Post 12           YOB 2012
14 2-2-0         $34,498
Tori Pengally
Upon retirement from the track after a brief career, Tori quickly adopted Veronica. Through kind and consistent schooling the pair are now taking home many ribbons and championships from the dressage show ring including winning all three classes and earning 72%+ in her very first show.

Roxy's Vision

Post 20            YOB 2013
22 6-5-1          $187,486
Dakota Shoup
After looking at a few different horses, Kate finally turned to LongRun looking for a horse for her daughter Kota. When presented with Rox, she thought he sounded too good to be true, but when she and Kota met him in person, they realized he was everything they had been looking for. Kota and Rox have formed an unbreakable bond and the sky is the limit for these two in the future.

Stormy Pegasus

Post 24             YOB 2017
0 0-0-0              $0
Kylie Kring and Janet Pegg
Unraced, Stormy underwent a little rehab and retraining before being adopted.  He is now into some serious training with eyes on the showring when ready.  Well loved, Kylie says he is so well behaved and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Tal Vez

Post 7             YOB 2017
1 0-0-0          $302
Estelle Dussault
Estelle lost her beloved LongRun adoptee Princess Condo as a 23 year old.  When she was ready, she came to LongRun again where this flashy youngster caught her eye. Tal and Estelle are happily bonding in Quebec as they train together.

Tall Glass

Post 19            YOB 2001
8 0-0-0          $2,322
Edie Monden
Kadin was adopted by Edie quite a while ago and has spent may years as the riding and jumping horse of Edie and her daughter.  Kayla was actually nominated for a Sovereign Award for a story she wrote about her life with her horse.  Now slowing down a bit, Kadin is still enjoying a pampered life with these ladies.


Post 28           YOB 2014
5 3-0-1           $48,015
Tara Marshall
Though Tango had a short career, he was as honest and trying as they come.  When we got the application from Tara, who lives in Newfoundland, we thought he’d be the perfect horse for her and her family.  Now this kind and intelligent horse is the centre of their lives and a quiet, pleasure and trail horse.

Tom Joy

Post 32                YOB 2009
52 13-12-5           $282,706
Jennifer Semech – Walkabout Farm
This war horse overcame a lot in his successful career, and has now found his true calling as a therapy horse. Apollo is kind and intelligent and has stepped into his new role seamlessly working with both kids and adults. 


Post 4              YOB 2016
17 0-0-3          $23,025
Chloe Duffy

Talented and physically exceptional but indeed a chestnut mare, Queen V decided, after a close encounter with a rival in a race, that maybe racing wasn’t her preference but opted to focus her many abilities on jumping for joy with her adopter.

Watery Moon

Post 36           YOB 2011
9 1-0-2           $50,519
Kris Barnes
After life saving surgery, Moon found himself at LongRun. After a lengthy rehab, this gorgeous chestnut, now called Timber, quickly became a farm favourite and impressed Kris with his personality and talent under saddle. He now enjoys pleasure rides from Kris and her daughter.

Who Dat Ambush

Post 22            YOB 2009
15 3-2-3           $75,011
Lori Slack
After a brief racing career, this gorgeous grey was retired to LongRun and, after a little time with us, was scooped up by Lori.  Ambush and Lori have spent many an hour enjoying trails and western pleasure together.

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