What to Expect From Adoptees

“Slow and steady” wins the race, as the saying goes. These horses have experienced a lot in their young lives and overall have seen quite a bit! We encourage all new adopters to work slowly to gradually introduce your adoptee to his or her new environment and new career to achieve meaningful progress. With proper retraining practices several of our adoptees can go on to become great light riding hack partners.

The majority of our adoptees should be used to picking up their feet, grooming, bathing, trailering and have great exposure to being handled. Our horses are all so very unique and their qualities and personalities are so different and special.

Owning a horse is a big commitment, and can also be extremely rewarding and fun! We encourage all first time horse owners to do their research before adopting. The internet is a great tool to learn more about how to properly care for your new horse and what to expect in terms of boarding, feeding, retraining as well as medical and other expenses.

Thehorse.com is a great online resource for articles about horse health, safety and wellness!

Therider.com is a great resource with monthly publications for helpful tips on training & your horse’s health, as well as latest news and events in the equine community.