Adoption Process

When you are ready adopt, our dedicated team we will work with you to find your most compatible equine match, as we have many beautiful and intelligent retired thoroughbred racehorses waiting for that special person and loving life-long home.

We have had great success in the past to place our horses in permanent placements, and we look forward to the opportunity to do so in years to come.

Please remember that we are a charity with limited resources, both financial and human. We would appreciate only serious inquiries from caring individuals.

Step 1 : Application Form

All applicants must complete an online application form. We ask that all applications be completed with as much detail as possible to accurately evaluate the applicant’s goals and horse experience.

Please be sure that you are ready and able to provide a commitment before you request an appointment to view our horses.

Please note; to fill our our adoption application, you must have Adobe Reader installed! You can download the application for free here.

Downloadable PDF

Step 2: Telephone Meeting

Once your application has been received, our adoptions coordinator will be in touch with you shortly to further discuss your goals for your new horse and to select a few horses in the program that would be most compatible.

Step 3: Meeting the Horses

All horses in the LongRun program that can be ridden are located on our new farm. Our adoptions coordinators will work with you to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet there, based on your telephone interview. You will have the opportunity to visit, and if applicable, have a brief test ride of the horse which you are most interested in adopting.

If you will be having a test ride, please sign and bring the attached Liability Waiver with you.

Step 4: Choosing A Horse To Adopt

We believe that the majority of the time, the horse actually chooses their adopter, and that a strong connection during the meeting should bring the partnership together. Our adoptions coordinator will also be more than happy to help and work with you to make a final decision on which horse would be the most suitable.

Your Horse’s History:  It is in everyone’s best interest to know all we can about our horses and their history and LongRun makes every attempt to be totally transparent to potential adopters about our retirees.  We ask donating owners and trainers to give us any and all pertinent information about their horses’ temperament, health records, physical limitations, etc., and we also confer with their attending veterinarians.  But it should be understood that thoroughbred racehorses might have had multiple owners prior to their retirement and often LongRun is only able to glean information from the horses’s most recent connections, so we encourage potential adopters to have their chosen horse vetted prior to taking him or her home!

Step 5: Reference Check & Farm Inspection

Once you have chosen a horse to adopt, we will arrange for references to be checked and a farm inspection to be done of your facility, by a LongRun representative. The inspection will be a brief meeting and should take anywhere from 10-15minutes to complete. LongRun is dedicated to placing our horses in happy and healthy homes, therefore the inspection is a mandatory part of our procedure to ensure the adopter’s facility is a safe environment.

Please know that we believe that a happy barn does not by any means have to be fancy barn, just healthy and safe.

Take a look at our Farm Inspection form here.

Step 6: Signing of the Adoption Agreement & Payment

Our adoption agreement will be sent to you to sign and resubmit to the LongRun office at your earliest convenience along with your choice of payment. We accept cheque, visa or MasterCard to process the adoption fee.

The adoption fee will range from $1.00 to $750.00, dependent on the abilities of each horse. You can read our LongRun Adoption Agreement 2012 by following the link.

Please feel free to contact the LongRun office if you have any questions regarding our agreement at 416-675-3993 (ext. 3440).

Step 7: Bringing Home your new horse LongRun horses must be transported to their new home by an approved commercial carrier. Transportation costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the new adopter.

Please contact the LongRun office (416-675-3993 (ext. 3440) to obtain a list of approved transport companies, and to schedule a time for your new horse to ship.

Step 8: Follow Up

The LongRun program is unique as we follow up with our adoptees for a one year period after the date of their adoption. We will assign a volunteer “guardian” to visit you every 6 months (2x for the year). We also ask our adopters to submit a brief “Vet Follow Up Form” which is to be completed by your practicing veterinarian and submitted to the LongRun office via, mail, email [email protected] or fax (416) 213-2116.

Please see our VET FOLLOW UP REPORT and our Guardian Follow-up Form here.

Thank you and we look forward to placing a LongRun adoptee in your care!