Winter Wonderland!

We want to show off some of our great graduates in the winter wonderland we are currently experiencing here in southern Ontario! Do you have winter shots of you and your LongRun graduate? Send them along! We’d love to post them here with a brief update.




Fire Cause and adopter Katherine on Christmas morning


Fire Cause (aka Thor) was the gracious recipient of some Christmas morning love from his adopter Katherine, who joined him to open his Christmas stocking and presents.
Both have done exceptionally well this past year and have a very bright 2013 ahead of them!


Most Unusual has been enjoying the snow which came much earlier to the Greater Sudbury area, where he now lives with loving adopter Francine!







Francine was so excited to adopt Most Unusual (aka Manny) from LongRun just a few short months ago. She reports he has settled into his new life very well and has enjoyed stealing the very necessary toques off of everyone’s head who has come to greet him since his arrival. Always friendly, he returns the stolen garments when his favourite treats appear!


No Never No More and adopter Meredith enjoy some riding indoors to keep warm this winter!






No Never No More (aka Henry) has been with adopter Meredith now for well over the 2 year adoption period, but she still keeps us updated on his progress and how happy she is with her graduate! Taking advantage of her barn’s indoor arena to keep warm this winter!



Proud Aspect is loving her new home with adopter Carmy! They certainly got in the Christmas spirit this year!

Proud Aspect is enjoying the retired life now with adopter Carmy. They both got into the Christmas spirit this year and sent these photos onto us, wising us a very happy holidays!












Maple Tints joined adopter Jen just in time for the holidays! She reports he is settling in very well!


Maple Tints retired at the end of the 2012 Woodbine Racing season and wasted no time making everyone believe he was the most adorable horse in the barn, as he knew he wanted to be in his new home in time for the holidays. He got his wish! Adopter Jen reports “Knight (aka ‘Maple Tints’) is loving his new home….he’s coming along exceptionally well and had a VERY Merry Christmas being spoiled. He now knows me as his Momma and we’re bonding more and more each day! He’s my best bud and I have fallen in love with him!”



Love To Shine

Love To Shine takes a mid-morning roll on New Years Day. Seems he quite enjoys the snowy season!

Love to Shine has been with his loving adopter Erica for over a year now. She reports that “Monty is doing great! He is a western pleasure/trail horse now and we’ve put on a lot of miles this past year. I’ve even had him over at Mono Cliffs for some trails too! He seems to love his new job and can always be counted on not to spook. He goes through water, over bridges, past cars, bikes and dogs and never bats an eye. He lives with his two buddies, my other OTTB named Sky and my 3 year old quarter horse Doc and he’s taken over the top spot in the herd. He’s the ultimate in your pocket horse and can never get enough attention. I love him to pieces and can’t imagine life without him!! :)”


Classic Mike

Classic Mike sends his well wishes from the home of his adoptive mom, and LongRun Foster parent, Mary.



Classic Mike has been with LongRun foster parent Mary for a number of years. He is well loved, and has enjoyed many years of retirement, and looks forward to many many more in the future!



We'reonarollnow & Whiskey Spice enjoy frolicking in the winter snow!






LongRun grads We’reonarollnow and Whiskey Spice enjoy their time out in the Ottawa region with their loving adopter Elizabeth. Captured frolicking in the winter snows, both boys seem to be enjoying the retired life!

Lakefield (left) and Larry's Dream (right) continue to enjoy their own winter wonderland at home with the Greenwood family.










Lakefield & Larry’s Dream have certainly been enjoying their retirement and career change with the Greenwood family. If you follow our Facebook page, Mark continues to post updates on both boys. He most recently reported that Larry’s Dream was enjoying his event training with the family’s coach, and Lakefield was either highly ammused, or slightly embarrassed by his snazzy new black and teal turnout! We vote amused, Mark!

Forty Creek enjoys his retirement with loving owner Maora





Forty Creek may not be a LongRun Grad, but we are happy that his loving owner Maora has kept in touch with us after asking us to help her track down some history on him! She reports that he has been renamed Romulus, has been enjoying some R&R, and has had a few short rides since he’s been in her care. She is head over heels in love with him, and we are so glad to hear that both are doing very well together!