LongRun partners with Fire Council and Native Child & Family Services

Wild JJ

Wild JJ enjoyes a grooming session from attendees Tyrone and Charlotte

Longrun representatives had organized a day in conjunction with students from Georgian College to bring together our wonderful companions, Wild JJ (as seen in the photos) and Ice Bridge, a former Atto horse (JJ) and Samson fosteree, as part of a therapeutic recreation college programme and kids who participate in a variety of programming offered through Native Child and Fire Council.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with the horses, as well as worked at a number of horse related crafts being horse sock puppets and baked and decorated horse cookies.  The highlight of the day as described by the eight youths who attended was “meeting JJ (aka Wild JJ) and “Reggie” (aka Ice Bridge).

The kids, Tyrone and Charlotte , are pictured after a grooming session with JJ.

Longrun reps said they had brutal weather on April 1st, very little opportunity to get good outdoor photos but are working together with both the foster farm, Laura Sa

unders, and Erin Heslop, to have Fire Council and Native Child participants out again in the near future.  As well, this farm is offering a “hooked on horses” 8 week programme in which our horses will be compensated for their new purposeful work as companions, thus offsetting the cost of their board and providing them with more exposure to a wider community of “would be” horse-people.  LongRun’s aim is to allow these wonderful horses to continue to have great purpose beyond their successful careers as racehorses while promoting and fostering solid horsemanship skills.

Contact us if you would like to participate in any classes going forward!