Premier Dalton McGuinty and his government are trying to make changes to the profit sharing of slot revenues they have in place contractually with Ontario’s racing industry despite the fact that the current arrangement has been highly profitable for the government and is essential to the health of the industry, the 60,000 people dependent on it for their livelihood and to the well-being and, indeed, the very survival of the beautiful and courageous horses we all love.

These changes would directly affect LongRun, and its horses, as our industry funding would be drastically reduced under these changes. We ask you, our friends, to please add your voice and concerns to those of the thousands of horsemen and women who have already contacted the government ….. WE NEED YOUR HELP A.S.A.P.!

Below are links to more information on the proposed changes to the profit sharing agreement. We ask that you take a few minutes to read, and watch the informative video below to become more informed on the issue.

Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association (OHRIA) has already put together an easy to fill out form, which will automatically send your email to all MPP’s in Ontario. It can be found here.

OHRIA has also launched their new website Value 4 Money which outlines all of the important facts about the slot revenue sharing agreement at ALL Ontario Racetracks, and what you can do to help!

From all of us here at LongRun, thank you for your assistance with this, and we hope that you will take the time to watch the wonderful video (below) put together by Laurie Langley, a rider and photographer from Fort Erie Racetrack.